Friday, December 3, 2010

Geburtstag Party

Little Miss Edith had the great opportunity to attend a classmate's 9th birthday party this evening.  It was fun to hear all about it when she returned home, the differences between American parties and German parties, but mostly the similarities.  The girls played musical chairs (to the father playing piano) and the "hound and bone" game.  They ate pizza for dinner and the birthday girl blew out candles set in a small wooden train.  They sang Happy Birthday in English...and in German.  Presents for the birthday girl and favor baggies for the guests, and they went on a walk in the neighborhood with sparklers.

In other news, Libby's little brain is creating new synapses that she will never lose.  She figured out how to open a cupboard, pull facial tissues out of a box and clap her hands.  So now she can praise her own messes she makes.  I think she is even dreaming of new endeavors because she actually clapped her hands in her sleep last night.

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