Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Snowy Pigrimage

Philip found himself with a free afternoon yesterday and was determined to visit a Church that is on the mountain on the other side of the Alt Mülh River, at a higher elevation than the castle which we visited in October with Mom and Dad Harold. 

The path was steep and snowy and his vision a little impaired by the falling snow.  He wasn't quite sure he was even going the right way, but finally saw the little Frauenberg Kapella in a clump of trees.  The hard work of the hike was worth it, and now that we have 4 days left, there is little left of Eichstätt that we haven't seen! 

Downtown Eichstaett

The Rathaus in Marktplatz

Max's Kindergarten, view of inside the convent walls

Max's Kindergarten
Phil in front of building where his office is
Lucy making friends with Phil's conversation partner

Kindergarten St. Walburg


  1. What gorgeous pictures! The chapel is beautiful. I especially liked the bottles of wine for Baby Jesus.

  2. I just noticed the graffiti on the boarded-up fountain -- nice!

  3. Haha! Jenny, thank you for pointing out the wine bottles. I zoomed in on that picture and it looks like there is also a barrel of brooms and mops and shovels behind the wine bottles. Funny! Also, Phil noticed a similar picture of the Rathaus in the newspaper but the snow on the wooden fountain cover had been wiped off by the photographer first. A professional! :)