Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Long Journey for the Tooth Fairy

Edy lost baby tooth number nine (right lower canine) yesterday, and as Germany does not have a "Tooth Fairy" tradition, we assume the American Tooth Fairy had a long flight last night.  She is to be commended for replacing Edy's tooth (which had accidentally been thrown out by Daddy earlier that day, and found by Mommy in the Restmüll in a balled up tissue) with a little gift even though she was probably pretty jet-lagged.

We attended Mass this morning for Gaudete Sunday at St. Walburg's.  This is the resting place for the remains of St. Walburga, co-founder of this city.  She began an order of nuns; the convent and Church adjoins an elementary school and Kindergarten (Max's) in one long complex built in the side of the mountain.  Many pilgrims come to this church in hopes of the intercession of St. Walburga, and the walls of the crypt are covered with "thank you" plaques and crutches, etc, in demonstration of answered prayers over the centuries.  The main church was full and as we sat in the back, we were the last to go up to front for Communion.  Max chose this moment to do a killer "Tiny Tim" impression and walked stiff-legged all the way back to our pew.  

There were trumpets practicing Christmas carols in the church as we stayed after to take pictures, perhaps the most notable was "Silent Night".

St. Nick gift of painting set

St. Walburg Church main altar

Lucy by the advent wreath

The organ/choir loft

The reliquary of St. Walburga

Every wall space used for these "Danke" plaques

Our apartment balcony

Mind the Gap

Phil putting Libby to sleep

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