Friday, December 10, 2010

More and More and More Snow

We were told by Germans that school is never closed for snow.  Well, Edy can testify that today this rule has taken exception.  We awoke to another 5 or 6 inches of snow this morning, and bitterly cold winds.  (It may actually have been the low temperatures causing the cancellation)  Edy left for school at her usual time but met up with Rachel and Max about ten minutes later with happy news that the principal told her to go back home!  Max's school was open and Edy was very glad to walk with Mommy and Max to see him off.

Last night our whole family dined with a lovely couple whom Phil has been meeting with weekly since our stay.  Though their children are grown they had a box of duplo and other blocks that occupied all four children for duration of the evening.  They loaned us a handsome toboggan-for-one on sleek steel runners.  Today after school Max was pulled home on the toboggan over the icy, unplowed streets.  This sled may see a lot of usage for our last 10 days here.

St. Nicholas brought Lucy playdoh

Max got a spinning top game in his shoe on December 6th

Phil went out early this morning and took some beautiful snowy Eichstaett pictures

Catholic University's Library Building
Our German tutor Susanne

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