Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Day of Schule

The children all enjoyed their last day of school in Germany and each came home with treasures.  Lucy had made a bright green sparkly conicular Christmas tree and received colorful set of modeling clay.  Max presented us with a clay luminary that he had made the holes in.  His teachers gave him a big magnifying glass.  Edy had a large poster from her class that everyone signed.  She also brought home many, many expensive unused school supplies that will add to the weight of our checked luggage.

Last night Philip attended the Christmas Party of the staff at the office he has been sharing.  It was hosted at a German bowling alley.  The bowling ball was smaller, but otherwise the rules were the same.  Phil had a lot of fun.  All in all, with the bowling party last night and the children today we have for sure ended on a high note with our Eichstätt life here!

The staff at Phil's office

Phil got two strikes

We've had 8 more inches of least!

A snowy shortcut to school

Lucy was literally jumping for joy at her last day!

Max being silly in a swim cap

Max with his Kindergarten teacher

Edy with the afterschool program teacher

some of the afterschool kids
Phil pulling Max to school on the toboggan

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