Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lost in Translation

A note was sent home from Max's school with information about an upcoming "Spielabend" and a lower half to return for registering.  Rachel returned the rsvp for two, as Philip wanted to go with Max for father-son bonding.  So last night at 7, Philip and Max returned to Kindergarten St. Walburg for an evening of children's game playing.  Both Phil and Max were surprised to see ONLY parents sitting around kiddie tables, playing kiddie board games, rolling kiddie color coded dice and taking turns moving their tokens around the board.  The evening was intended for adults only, and it was packed with parents presumably getting babysitters and voluntarily going to their child's school for a big night out of "Schneckenspiel" (snail race).  But the evening had a happy ending, despite the misunderstanding, because after the 90 seconds total that Phil and Max were there, on their way home Max said, "That was FUN!"  Goal of bonding achieved.

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