Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bitter Sweet Tschüss

Sunday was made so smooth and easy with the help of a few good friends we have made this semester.  One couple was going to Munich on Saturday so helped by taking all our checked luggage in their car to our hotel near the airport.  Another family helped by driving us and our carry on baggage to the train station.  Not to mention filling our bags with presents, games, books and cookies for our journey home.  Plus they also helped us clean the apartment! 

After waving goodbye at the train station we had a seamless trip to Munich.  Philip knew right where the lockers were at the train station and we had a very fun last day of sight seeing before our flight home.  Munich is definitely Phil's favorite German city and it is easy to understand why.  We saw the outdoor ice rink, the Christkindlemarkt, and the toy museum.  The highlight for Rachel was St. Peter's church.  There is a tower of about 13 or 14 flights of narrow wooden spiral stairs leading to the bell tower.  The view was very nice.  Edy and Rachel saw all of Munich from each of the four side of the tower.  Phil, meanwhile, warmed up with the three little ones in the main part of the church.  

We stayed overnight at a hotel near the airport and all got a good night of rest that we would need for a long day of traveling the very next day.

We will miss Eichstätt, the beautiful little medieval city on a hill, its history, architecture, the University library, the Volkschule Am Graben, Kindergarten St. Walburg, the churches, but mostly we will miss the friends we made there!
Munich Toy Museum, "Martians"

Toy Mass Set

Toy Museum

The Munich Airport McDonalds

Edy in the St Peter's Tower

Statue of Baby Jesus charming his Mama and Grandma

Lucy inspired by Barbie


Photo by Edy from the tower

                                                    Herr Harold und Heir

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