Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Berlin Part Eins

Would have, could have and should haves set aside, when traveling with four children, one WILL miss a train now and again.  It is just so painful when you *almost* made it.  The nice thing about trains is that there will be another one.

We made it to the capital of Germany around 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday.  Our hostel is dorm-style which the kids find fascinating.  They LOVE the bunk beds.

After resting in hotel room for a bit, we went out to see the government district.  The Brandenburg Tor was beautifully lit with colorful lights and the children enjoyed walking right under the archways. 

After that we went to the platform level of the Reichstag Building (equivalent to the US Capital).  The view was amazing, though a little obscured because of the rainy dusk.  Unfortunately the spiral walkway in the dome is closed for cleaning the entire five days we will be here.  We all enjoyed seeing it close up anyways. 

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  1. Wow...AMAZING pictures. EVERYTHING looks so exciting. Thank you for keeping us updated so frequently.