Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tutors, Teeter-Totters and Taters

The day that marks our being here one month has come and gone.  As Edy said, "I can't believe how quickly it has gone!"  Our German is coming along and we now speak only German at home until 5pm.  Unless, of course, something timely needs to be expressed...or Daddy is not home.

To help with our German-learning, we have a couple tutors.  One works with Philip in a conversational set-up and the other visits our home and works with the children and Rachel.  This tutor has brought children's books in German and reads them mostly with Edy.  Schneewittchen is a favorite with us, but we can not neglect Rotkappchen!  

Rachel and the kids have been visiting the local playgrounds because this past week has been beautiful weather-wise.  Teeter-totters are fun for all and the kids struggle to find the perfect match-ups with weight balancing.  Edy on one side with Max and Lucy works fine.  Max has the tottering down just fine, but his teetering needs improvement; his feeble attempts at sending Edy up aren't working.  Recently we fed the ducks, which was a little too thrilling because we ended up attracting about 40 fowl all hemming up to us.  An aggressive duck is intimidating to someone Lucy's size.

Having "Taters" in the title is a stretch- irresistible alliteration.  Basically it is funny to watch German cooking shows.  Maybe its just Phil and Rachel having awesome cooks in their families, but all the meals are a meat (usually sausage) and potatoes.  Once in a while a gravy is poured over the dish.  Now do not misunderstand, the platters are amazing-looking; but roasted, diced, chopped or sliced, the side dish is potatoes!


  1. Maybe you can post one of the cooking shows! I would love to see it if you can!

  2. Ha ha! Yes, I thought about how to do that and maybe I can figure it out. My favorite ones to watch are the "competition" ones. The food all looks so delicious. Phil and I got to eat out at a German restaurant last weekend and I ordered Kartauffelstrudel. It was pastry filled with roasted potatoes. Soooo yummy.