Friday, October 22, 2010

Berlin Part Zwei

Is Lego Land Discovery Center worth waiting in rain with four children for a hour?  The answer is "yes".  Edy, Max and Lucy absolutely loved it and each objected to leaving in their own unique way.  There was a lot to keep busy with in the three hours we stayed, especially because the place was so packed that we were slow moving.  Highlights included: amazing "nerf style" playground, race slopes for a car that one just built with lego supplies, and a "dragon ride" that the three kids went on by themselves while Rachel held Libby (who was not allowed to go).  Lego Land was also chock-full of life-sized Lego creations of people, creatures and characters.  Rachel's favorite was Lego Indiana Jones.  

After meeting up with Philip (whose days here are full of Fulbright commitments), we saw the beautiful Berlin Cathedral (now a Lutheran Church, performance hall and Museum), the Pegniz River and the Radio Tower all lit up with colorful lights.  It turns out that the time we are here is the Berlin Festival of Lights.  Many other structures and fountains are lit with a lovely show.

On Thursday Rachel and the kids saw the best zoo any of them had ever seen.  The Berlin Zoo is beautiful and fun.  None of them noticed the cold rainy weather while they walked from pelicans to penguins and monkeys to meercats.  The kids enjoyed the baby animals especially; lion cubs being bottle fed by zookeeper while angry mother paced in cage next door.  

That evening Philip took the family to see the Chancellery.  We have been sleeping hard in our hostel room, lulled to sleep by the hum of the U-Bahn within view from our window.

The kids are showing off their Lego souveniers

Pieces of the Berlin Wall

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  1. I love, love, love these updates! Your zest for life is refreshing!