Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday was German Thanksgiving.  It also was Family Mass for Edy's school, German Unification Day, and all fell on Eichstätt Kirchemarktäg.  This is a big market day where all the platzen are lined vendors selling their handwerken.  Homemade candles, soaps, boiled wool clothing, basket weavers, floor tile cutters, pizza ovens, dirndls, lacemakers, puppets, all demonstrating their skills.  It reminded me a little of Amish Country.  Their were also rides for the children, camels, giant bungee trampolines, stilt walkers, and lots of beer.

The family mass was nice and Edy got to participate by bringing a bowl of wheat grains to altar thanksgiving display.

Most of the German tv networks had footage from 20 years ago of Berlin wall coming down, etc.  We have enjoyed having a tv and consider it a language learning event.  Most of the shows we watch are dubbed over with German, but some are filmed originally in German.  It helps us grown ups to watch the mouths forming the German words, but with cartoons for the kids it really doesn't matter being dubbed.

A German woman asked Rachel yesterday at the markt, "Are those kids all yours?"  in German, but Rachel understood.  Rachel's listening comprehension is coming along, now for some speaking skills to give a nice witty reply...  By the way, most German families have one or two children. Since we have been here, we have literally seen two families with three or fours kids.  

We have a nice weather forcast for this week, after ten or so days of chilly misty weather.  So, here is to a great week!  Prost!


  1. do not miss the previos post, explaining Oktoberfest, written last week but only uploaded today! Guten Tag!

  2. Phil & Rachel,
    You have a lovely family and you will attract much attention in Germany where families barely have 2 children! Have fun with all the people you will meet!
    Kathy Chriqui