Thursday, October 7, 2010

Local Charm

Yesterday morning the Cathedral was all dark and the only light was the organist's lamp while he practiced.  Rachel pointed him out to Lucy from a place you can see a little sliver of him.  He noticed Lucy with her cute pigtails and stopped practicing to wave at her.  She waved back and he played a chord over and over which can only be described as a tinkle of a small bell.  Lucy was charmed and danced back to the pew.

Lucy loves German food.  Fresh bread and sausage are favorites to her.  In light of that, we have been patronizing a butcher shop not far from our apartment.  Whenever Lucy goes in and sees all the meat behind the glass, her mouth waters and she begins whining for sausage.  Luckily, the worker speaks enough English to help Rachel make decisions.  She also understands Lucy and gives each of the kids a small cut of bologna whenever we visit.  But the first time Lucy was offered one she behaved a little like an ungrateful ingrate.  It wasn't the exact sausage she desired.  Rachel encouraged her to muster up a weak danke, but on the walk home when Lucy finally tried it, she LOVED it and begged Max's from him.

Libby was sleeping in bed when Rachel took Max and Lucy to school this morning.  Philip checked on her after a while and found her STANDING next to nightstand.  She must have rolled onto floor, not cried about it, sat up, and then pulled herself to stand using handles of the furniture.  Doesn't 7 months seem too young to be doing this?

Everyone expresses delight at Libby when we are out and about.  But there is one woman in particular whom we bump into a lot in this small town.  She just loves Libby and always stops us to gush about her (in German).  Libby only encourages her by smiling and cooing at her.  Maybe we can investigate babysitting opportunities...

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  1. I am so charmed with the idea of Lucy dancing to the organ in a darkened church! All of your girls are so delightful!