Monday, November 1, 2010

Familiar Faces

On Friday we Eichstätt Harolds had a visit from the Gaming Harolds.  Our weekend with them was packed full of fun!  Philip's parents saw just about everything in Eichstätt and got a real taste of our lovely time here.

Saturday was eventful because we finally hiked up to Willibald's castle, which we have wanted to do ever since we first saw it from our balcony window on day one.  The weather was unseasonably ideal and we all enjoyed the Jurassic museum complete with fossils and Mastodon skeleton, among others.  

Sunday was delightful especially because we got to introduce our new friends, the Hasslemeiers to Mom and Dad Harold.  Of particular enjoyment was when Philip and Rachel ate dinner at a Bavarian restaurant while Grandma and Grandpa took 3 older kids to an American restaurant.  Philip and Rachel enjoyed a bottle of 2006 Pinot Grigiot, while the kids enjoyed the "playplace".  

We all waved goodbye Monday morning at the Eichstätt train station with grateful hearts for such loving and generous family!


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