Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of Schule

Sigh of relief.  The kids have all made it to school and lived to tell about it.  Edith really enjoyed her day.  She had a bit of angst and shed a few tears before hand, but her classmates were very friendly, her teacher lovely, her math teacher (the principal) spoke English, and she played jump rope at recess.  The unexpected parts of her (and the other children’s) school is that it ends early (1pm), school children wear slippers during the school day, and school supplies are very art-oriented (and very expensive!). 

Max was fine; he wasn’t nervous, wasn’t emotional, was in a beautiful child-friendly Kindergarten atmosphere, and his teachers all emphasized how well he did and played with the other children.  He waved good-bye to Rachel at 8:00 am and was very happy to see his parents at 12 noon at the end of his day. 
Lucy also had her first-ever school experience.  The pre-school teacher asked Rachel to stay for a shorter day for Lucy to begin with.  She played happily for first hour and then the class went for a nature walk collecting chestnuts and other “treasures”.  Then there was a melt-down and we called it a day.  We will see how she improves with time.

The highlight of the day for the children was a delightful German tradition called Schuletüte.  It is a large cone made out of stiff paper that is filled with toys and candy on a child’s first day of school.  And since it was the first day of GERMAN school for all three, Philip bought and arranged one for each.  (This was a tricky task, as the first day of school was actually last week, so most stores were sold out of the tütes. 
The kids LOVED them and are all sleeping hard now.  Guten nacht!

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