Friday, September 24, 2010

Danke Gott ist Freitag

What a fun week it has been for the kids and what an exhausting week it has been for their parents.  A catalogue of the week’s difficult events is as follows:

-Three bonked heads

-One scraped chin

-Two forgotten homework assignments

-One forgotten lunch

-Two unplanned naps

-One public diaper explosion

-Several more private diaper explosions

-One over-cooked hen (Celsius oven)

Now that the bad and the ugly are out of the way, the good is revealed.  Edy had Wandertag on Wednesday.  Apparently a cherished German custom when the children go on a hike for the entire school day.  She loved it and was quite talkative about a new friend “Katerina” with whom she took turns teaching words in their respective languages. 

Max is learning lots of songs and just loves his school.  His disposition is happy and cooperative and he is sleeping VERY well at night.  Lucy, on the other hand is still getting used to her school, very gradually.  She is only staying less than 2 hours at this point and is very ready to be picked up then. 

That LITTLE chunk of time when all three older children are at school has been quite enjoyable to Rachel.  Even though it is spent hanging clothes on clothesline in yard and washing dishes (no automatic washers in this haus), it is a quiet, serene time when Libby can be focused on.

Libby has caught her first cold of her life.  The poor little baby is still smiling, though.  Even though Rachel doesn’t speak the same language as the other moms, we can all still laugh together when Libby’s sneeze makes mucous shoot out of her nose. 

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  1. Nice going Edy! Making friends so quickly and easily. Congrats! Great pic of Lucy. What a big girl going to school! Max, what a trooper, what a stoic. Nice going Max-a-dodil! Libby looks quite happy in her bathtub. Now if the parents can just recover... It is so hard adapting to a new system, as we're going thru ourselves. But our situation is in an English speaking ghetto. You are out in the real, cruel, German world. That sure takes guts! Congrates to all! Dad and Mom